What genre is OCTO?

OCTO is hard sci fi with some horror elements.

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Xenofiction of the Octopoid Alien variety is a good characterization, although the mind of OCTO's protagonist is still somewhat anthropomorphized both intentionally for narrative purposes and unintentionally because I am, sadly, only human.

Who makes the cool gimmicks?

I create the embellishments myself with the help of Google, Stack Overflow, and the Necronomicon.

It's all HTML, CSS, and vanilla JavaScript with no external dependencies.

I am not a web designer, but I do take pains to try to make this website a good experience for everyone.

If you dare inspect my source, well... I'm sorry.

How long is OCTO?

OCTO has 113,376 words.

I wrote one 2,000-word update per day in November of 2020.

I continued writing 2,000 words per day until OCTO reached 50 chapters.

You can follow my RSS feed to track future updates.

I appreciate every person who comments on the /r/OCTO subreddit.